Hi. I'm Trevor.

I work every day to be a better designer, developer, photographer and husband.


I’ve been a lot of things in my life, but I feel pretty good about this. I think…

I first dipped my feet in the entrepreneurial waters when I started a software company.  That company was sold in 2013 and I began to search for what’s next.  I’ve always known that what you create with your hands (or fingertips), leads to a visceral creative experience.  So I’ve cut my creative teeth in personal labors of love such as photography, the maker movement and leatherworking, but never gave much though to how to make that into a career.

My hobbies have always involved some creative aspect and marrying my wife, Kelly, has been an exercise in that vein.  She has always pushed me creatively and helped me to learn through doing.  This is as much a outlet for me to do something I love, as it is an opportunity to exchange services for currency.  Hopefully that shines through.


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